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The Cortez 22 Panga easily accomodates up to 8 passengers. It is rated up to 150HP and runs well with as little as 60HP. Most owners will find that 90HP provides very economical and quick boating. With its perfect design, the haul assures a smooth ride in rough waters.  The high bow and gunwale provide buoyancy and elevation for casting, retrieval, or carrying heavy loads as on-board spray is minimized. The deck is self-draining, and there is ample storage throughout.

  • Length 22'1"

  • Width 7'5"

  • Depth 4'5"

  • Draft 7.5"

  • Fuel 38 gallons

  • Weight 1500 lbs. (no motor)

  • Person 8

  • Engine applicable 60-150hp

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