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Did you hear...Two new Cortez 26's just out of the hatchery!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Start 2021 with a new family toy. It's Covid Friendly and will provide a lifetime of memories for the entire family!

Don't get stuck quarantining at home or spending time in public wearing a mask all day. #thingstododuringquarantine It's time to join all those boaters living the good life and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family.

AVAILABLE NOW! New 2021 Cortez 26 center console with a beautiful blue hull. This boat is ready to be custom outfitted to meet your needs whether it be fishing, diving, kids water sports or just cruising on lakes, rivers or the open ocean. Contact us now to reserve this boat and let the Panga-Life begin!

SOLD! Yes, the white Cortez 26 shown above is sold and heading to Key West, Florida. We are excited to be outfitting this boat for the new owners because their use of the boat is for both the shallow reef waters of the Keys and the deep ocean waters 30 miles offshore. When a boat needs to be this versatile, special equipment is required. Many of our "East Coast" clients request a power Jack Plate which allows the motor to vertically raise up/down as well as the standard tilt which lifts the motor more horizontally out of the water. Installing a "Jack Plate" allows the Cortez 26, with only 11"of draft, to navigate deep into the back country and mangroves without fear of damaging the motors lower unit. When the bite moves offshore, in the deeper waters of the Atlantic, we are installing power down-riggers for deep dropping tackle in waters 1,000' deep. This is a special boat for a special family who really enjoys fishing and crabbing in the Florida Keys! #fishingthekeys

Please visit our website for information on our new 2021 models which provide great comfort and versatility while affordably priced and easy to own and operate. So, whether you love fishing, diving or just cruising and enjoying the outdoors, let your Panga-Life begin! Contact Paul for availability and pricing. .

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