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Does the size of your fish matter?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The old adage about the size of your fish goes back decades. I'm here to tell you I think it really does matter! In fact, no one has ever won the Bisbee, or any other fishing tournament for that matter, for the smallest fish. That being said, catching any fish means you are actually out enjoying yourself and living the "Panga-Life" so...maybe it really doesn't matter how big your fish is.

Spending time with my big brother Phil this past week at Lake Powell on the Cortez 26 Panga was a real treat. #lakepowell We packed up the boat with 4 days of provisions and camping gear and set out on one of the worlds most beautiful lakes. We covered over 200 miles exploring and fishing the lake and its many canyons and I must say... this place never gets old!

To be honest, my typical fishing trips include running offshore from either Southern California or the Baja Peninsula - chasing Tuna and other large species of pelagic life. So, hooking up on a small mouth bass at Lake Powell was an adjustment but it didn't take long before I was competing with my brother for the biggest bass in the lake. Unfortunately, Phil spends more time fishing lakes and his techniques and tackle proved better than mine. Big brother wins again! #yeticooler

This particular beach was located just past Hole in the Rock canyon at mile 67. There are not many people up this far so we basically had the lake to ourselves. With enough food and beer to last us a week, I wish we could have stayed those extra days to polish off every beer in the cooler! #campinglakepowell

After a full day of fishing and exploring, maybe a few beers too, I decided it was time to act my elderly age and get towed behind the Cortez 26 on a surfboard. It was a great time and we had a lot of laughs! We took some good drone footage of this event but something went definitely wrong when our drone flew off into the sunset and crashed in the lake. In case you don't know, drones sink fast!

The great thing about Cortez boats is they are versatile. Whether you are into fishing, skiing, camping or just cruising, Cortez boats does it all. Easy to trailer up and down the coast, Cortez boats can be enjoyed on all bodies of water. You can comfortably run a 100 miles offshore in the open ocean or explore the many lakes and rivers this country has to offer. My favorite is towing my Cortez boat down the Baja California Peninsula and fishing remote and uncharted territories of the Sea of Cortez and the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, some of the greatest places on earth.

We have a Baja trip coming up soon which will include some awesome fishing. We will be fishing cool towns like San Quintin, Bahia de Los Angeles, Loreto and Lopez Mateos. So, stay tuned and tell your friends to sign up for the Panga-Life blog at

Hasta Luego Muchachos!

Panga Pablo

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