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Don't get caught Boatless!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Panga Pablo is looking out for all you boating enthusiasts as the warm Summer months approach us. Are you thinking about getting a boat this year? Are you thinking about fishing or diving, cocktailing, cruising or better yet, towing your rig down Baja or out to the lake for a weekend of fun? Remember last year when all your friends were posting photos and videos on social media and you were telling yourself, "next year that will be me and my posse out there living the life". I'm here to tell you the time to start shopping for a boat is now, before they're all gone. Don't be that guy stuck on the beach!

I've been boating all my life and have owned pretty much every size, type, and style boat known to man but honestly, I've never had more fun or received more complements than when I'm on a Panga. I don't know what it is about these infamous boats but people around the world just love them. Maybe it's because they are understated and simple? Maybe they bring back memories of a great vacation or a fishing trip where you caught an abundance of fish and took them back to the restaurant for dinner with the family? Maybe it's because these boats can run comfortably in the open ocean or explore the shallow waters of a bay, running efficiently burning very little fuel. It's hard to pinpoint why but it's a fact... Panga boats are totally cool!

Typically, it's the expensive luxury items that get all the attention but not with Panga's. They're like a pick-up truck, a pair of flip-flops, or a simple ice-cold beer... people just respect it. Panga's are adventurous and can take you places that most other boats can't go. The shallow waters of a turquoise bay or the mangroves in the backcountry.

They can run a hundred miles across open oceans delivering food, construction materials, and other commodities

to villages and small communities while at the same time, they provide the best fishing and diving platforms in the business. When outfitted, these boats are great for entertaining or taking the family skiing, boarding and tubing. Best of all, they are maintenance free and easy to tow and store.

The fact they have been used to commandeer freighter ships a hundred times their size tells a story in itself. Truth is, Panga's are "bad-ass" and Cortez Boats builds the nicest, "bad-ass" Panga's around. Cortez has taken this amazing style boat and built a beautiful, "yachty" version that compares to the high-end center consoles on the market today. There is no better value in a boat than a Cortez Boat. So, visit the website and choose your boat today. It's time to live the life... the Panga-Life!

Cortez Boats available now.

New 2021 boats available starting at $49,000.00. Click here for more details.

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Panga Pablo's Blog
Panga Pablo's Blog

You need to jump into the Panga-Life with your cooler full of Lattes.



I'm usually that guy stuck on the beach with no boat. But I usually have a few cold Coors Lights to keep me company 😂

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