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Top Things To Look For When Buying a Boat

Summer is right around the corner and the desire to buy a boat is ever growing. But the issue that so many people face are the issues and questions that they have about the process of boating buying. They do not know what to look for or the questions to ask. If you are in the market for a new or used boat and need some help with what to look for, then here are some tips that you will want to read as you start the process of buying a boat.

Tips for Buying Your New or Used Boat

There are a lot of things that you must look for when buying a new craft. These little things can add up to a deal breaker if they are not addressed before the purchase is made.

  • You will want to look over the boat and take note of any cracks in the fiberglass or on the deck. Large cracks can be a sign of a larger issue. These cracks can allow water to creep into the foundation parts of the boat which can cause serious damage.

  • Look for moisture that seems to be coming from within the boat. Sometimes things will manifest itself in a spongy floor or rust and rot issues.

  • Look at the seats and sit down to see if they are loose or if they are sturdy. Seats that move may have bolt issues which can be fixed without much issue.

  • Open storage hatches and take note of the appearance. If there is a musty smell in the cabin, then there is a good chance that mold, and mildew are a growing problem.

  • Go over all of the electronics. Take note of what happens when each switch is activated. Look at the gauges to see if they work or not. Also note how well the boat starts up. If there is a lot of cranking needed or excessive smoke at startup, then there is a chance that a major issue is coming.

  • Open the engine hatch and look at the belts. If they have not been changed out recently, then it needs to be done soon.

  • Look at the oil and take note of its quality. If there are metal filings in it, then there is an engine issue that will break the deal. Also, send an oil sample in for testing. Lab work can determan many potential problems with the motors.

  • Hire a good marine surveyor. They will inspect the boat and prdivide you with a detailed list of potential problems and items that need repair.

A boat is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But a boat that keeps breaking down only adds to the stress of the moment. And it can kill a good day. Take the time and look at the boat before you buy it and you might just save yourself a lot of headaches.

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